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We are nearing our 200,00th visitor on The Road to the Horizon. When I started this blog back in January last year (here is the first post) I had no idea what I was getting myself into, but it worked out nicely... Thank you for your loyalty, and I hope you continue to be inspired by this blog. Drop some feedback in one of the comments, sign the guestbook and fill in the feedback polls I run.

To celebrate the upcoming 200,000th visitor, I have started two new parallel sites:
AidBlogs automatically aggregates new posts of the "aidblogs": blogs by aidworkers spread around the world you see listed in the right column under the heading "Need Inspiration? Other Blogs". Bookmark this site, to see the daily overview of what's happening in the lives of aidworkers, just like me: people who try to make a difference...

I also launched The Signs Along The Road which aggregates my quick clips. This is not a shared site, so it only contains my news clippings.

However, if you are interested in the humanitarian causes, and you want to contribute by sharing news articles on the topic, I encourage you to join International Aidworkers Today. The purpose this Newsvine group is explained in this post.

And of course, we still have The Other Worldnews, an automated humanitarian news aggregator, and The Road Daily which contains clips of any news I find interesting. Most news clips I comment on, on The Road, are there posted in full.

Well, I hope this keeps you inspired and informed.

PS: You like the new drop down menu navigation?


Lynda 18 October, 2008 17:47  

Where do you find the time.... ?

Peter 18 October, 2008 20:27  

That is one of the few good things in living abroad, away from my family: I got plenty of spare time! ;-)

Hope you enjoy, Lynda!


Anonymous,  18 October, 2008 20:39  

What's the price for the 200000nd visitor?

Peter 18 October, 2008 20:42  

A kiss from the teacher and you can move up one bench to the front of the classroom! ;-)

Anonymous,  19 October, 2008 01:32  

Do we still have to bring an apple to the teacher?
If affirmative, can I just give a macintosh . That's all I have in the orchards nearby :-)

Peter 19 October, 2008 06:07  

@The Beaver:

You are so retro! ;-)


A.Smith 20 October, 2008 07:15  

Hello Peter,

thank you both for coming to visit and for your good wishes. New surgery next Thursday, and so it goes.

I am enjoying your blog truly, truly. Brings memories of my own days as a humanitarian worker way back when, OES was the name and medical team was the game. Now only memories, and one bullet scar on my left leg are the souvenirs of a time that honestly, I would relive all over again for the same idealistic reasons I did it the first time.

Yes, we can and we should change the world. I believe its beginning to happen because we are all tired to the bone of the same old cynic and unfeeling approach to our humanity's problems. This time we better get it right, and stop global warming, and all of the other maladies before there will be no world to leave to our children.

Best wish for you as well, take care and visit often. You will always be welcome.

Peter 20 October, 2008 21:43  


You are welcome, Allegra.. Wishing you a speedy recovery!


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