Rumble: We have a pink team

Mats in pink

I do not share a lot of the actual work I do. "I work for a UN humanitarian agency and I am based in Rome...", this you already know. But for the rest, I am trying to keep a distance between my work and my blog.

One thing I want to share though. It is a cut and paste from my team's mission statement.

Our team's core Values:
  • Trust – we cultivate an environment of trust where we can safely challenge each other’s perspectives, use conflict as a source of creativity and make mistakes in the pursuit of learning.
  • Energy – we bring a positive energy to our work that inspires us to take initiative, work hard, get results and have fun.
  • Learning – we enjoy the challenge of continuously learning and creating.
  • Pink – we instill true human and humanitarian values which often challenge traditional norms


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