Rumble: Millions, Billions and Trillions: Zimbabwean Confusion.

Welcome to Zimbabwe's inflationA few weeks ago, the Zimbabwe National Bank dropped 10 zero's from the Zimbabwe Dollar (ZWD).

Blogger "This is Zimbabwe" is in despair and describes some of the confusion between old and new currency.

Yesterday I had a balance in my account of ZWD$2,000 (that is ZWD$20 trillion in the old value). This account is dormant, untouched for months.
This morning I find I owe the bank ZWD$500,000 in service fees for one month’s bank charges to hold my $2,000.

The daily cash limit per person per day is ZWD$20,000, but the cost of a personal cheque book is ZWD$2,000,000 or ZWD$33,333 per page.

A friend of mine got to the bank at 3am this morning and was handed a number – number 94 in line. At 5pm he finally got to the front of the queue.

We are facing one of the worst famines in our country’s history. And yet there is still food available in the towns, but it is spoiling on the shop's shelves as no-one can afford to buy it. (Full)

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Anonymous,  07 October, 2008 23:10  

my fellow african bring up the prices of your goods, the world will still buy them

Peter 07 October, 2008 23:10  


Anonymous,  08 October, 2008 17:55  

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Peter 08 October, 2008 17:56  

Koivis: sorry, links in comments are deleted...


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