Sunset worshippers

Where I live on the Italian west coast, near Rome, there is a beach bar. It is one of my three favourite bars in the whole world.

It is nothing more than a shack on the beach, but they have a tradition of celebrating sunsets.

They have a sound system spread over the beach, which envelops people into the wave of the music.

People, young and old, gather here every day, to celebrate the day, and the sunset closing the day.

Each day starting in spring and ending in late fall, people gather here by sunset, up to 1,000 people or more.

As the sun is setting, the music fades out, for a while. And as the last sun rays break through, this music plays in a daily tradition.

People stop talking, and stand up, holding hands, and look at the sunset, listening to the music, surrounded by the sound and sight of the last sun rays.

At the moment the sun disappears, every day, a guy comes up and gently hits a massive gong, while everyone applauds when the last rays break through. They applaud for one more day gone, one more sun gone, celebrating the sun set.

Remembering the day that went by, and thinking of the days that are still to come.

Celebrating what has been, and what is still to come. Celebrating love and the things that matter

Celebrating the sunset.

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