News: In case you still doubt the Iraq war was pre-planned

The full 2004 CBS "60 Minutes" interview of Paul O'Neil (the former Secretary Of Treasury) and reporter Ron Suskind discussing Bush's politics.

Specifically interesting is the mention of "the Commander in Chief" asking his National Security Council to "find a way" to invade Iraq during their first meeting in January 2001. That is 8 months before 9/11.

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freefa11,  20 November, 2009 18:03  

why has no one left coments about this americas goverment is/was more corupt than the afganistan goverment

911 pre planed by america
iraq pre planed
still trying to domonate the world scared of china india russa
get over your selfs and consentrate on trying to be a good country again
no other nation disgusts me more than america too faced is one way to put it

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