News: Italian royals forgot one thing: they lost their kingdom 62 years ago.

Victor_Emmanuel meeting Garibaldi

I am living in Italy, so forgive me for continuing with the series of "odd Italian news":

Italy has been a republic since 62 years. But still the (ex-)royal family is battling for the right to be called "the head of the country's royal family".

Prince Victor Emmanuel (70) has ruled over the House of Savoy since the death of his father, Umberto II, in 1983. His cousin Amedeo (63) the Fifth Duke D'Aosta, strenuously maintains it is he, not Victor Emmanuel, who is the true heir to the defunct monarchy.

Last summer, Amedeo declared that he had changed his name to Savoy and would assume power. However, his attempt to seize control will be fiercely fought by Victor Emmanuel in a closed hearing at a court in Arezzo at an undisclosed date this month.

Amedeo believes his cousin gave up the right to call himself Umberto II's heir when he married a Swiss biscuit heiress and champion water-skier without his father's permission in 1971.

The quarrel between the two men has raged for several years. Three years ago, Victor Emmanuel punched Amedeo twice in the face during a dinner given by King Juan Carlos I of Spain. (Full)

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Ash 24 June, 2008 05:25  

you have read shakespear, right? italians love a

Anonymous,  26 June, 2008 22:09  

?what's "a fued" stands for? thx

Peter 27 June, 2008 08:55  

think Ash means a "feud" (a dispute)...


Anonymous,  27 June, 2008 22:05  

in that case I disagree. Moreover italians do not recognize "those people" demanding the right to be called King or Queen. We are a Republic since some while now. Those 2 and their families are good stuff for tabloids' news.

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