Rumble: If you had only one more lecture to give.

"If your time here had come to an end, and you had one more lecture to give, one more message to bring, what would it be?".
Randy Pausch, diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, put "The Last Lecture" challenge into practice. The video moved me, and it will move you.

You can follow Randy's moments on his site. The actual full lecture, you find here.

I am saddened to inform you Randy passed away due to the complications of pancreatic cancer on the morning of July 25th 2008, two months after I posted this video (Full). May his story be an inspiration to us all.

Added to "My Inspirational Videos" on The Road

With thanks to Worldman and Pumuckl


Anonymous,  12 October, 2011 11:11  

Ciao Peter,
After seeing the brief one i had to go through the whole 1 hour plus session, and it was enlightening - even though after Steve Jobs' death there is a surplus of 'motivational speaches' out there.

It reminded me of the curse on the cyclopes: knowing when they would die. I guess living in that ignorance is a blessing for us all, as not many of us would have an equal strength to Randy's.

REading this opened the right-hand column back on 2008 articles. I notice that your core blogging topics haven't drastically changed in 3 years - cursing at italians (while loving italy) and cursing at americans! :)


Peter 12 October, 2011 13:34  

Ciao GB...!

Nah, not cursing at Italians,.. I can of sarcastically pull a joke once in a while, but I do love you! (I mean "Italians!" :-))

I also think I bitch more about American politics than about Americans..

I rewatch the movie about Randy regularly.. Talking about inspirational...

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