News: Dunkin' Donuts, a scarf and extremism.

Only in America... On May 7, Dunkin’ Donuts began running an ad, featuring local celebrity chef Rachael Ray wearing a black-and-white fringed scarf.

The ad has now been revoked due to protest that Ms. Ray’s scarf resembled "to the type typically worn by Muslim extremists". (Full)

Apart from thinking "Only in America!", the whole story truly saddens me. Even if the scarf was a keffiyeh, the traditional scarf of Arab men, then why does this have to be automatically associated with extremism, or seen as a symbol of support to terrorism? Is this a sign of the depth of the world's polarization into Arab and non-Arab, Muslim and non-Muslim?

I have lived in Dubai for five years. I don't think I ever lived in a more tolerant society with respect for other cultures, religions and opinions. Far more tolerant than back home in Belgium, and certainly far more than the US. Sometimes I am ashamed on behalf of us, Westerners.

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Anonymous,  02 June, 2008 01:38  

I know what you mean.. But these things cannot be avoided, let's just hope there is great understanding in the world, plus celebrities have better stylists next time.

Voegtli 02 June, 2008 03:53  

I fully agree with you. Unfortunately, Switzerland is also extremist for many things. We just had important votations this weekend and tomorrow or after tomorrow, I will post on this.

Michelle | Bleeding Espresso 02 June, 2008 08:38  

Couldn't agree more; even if *was* the scarf often worn by Muslim extremists, wouldn't it be Ray (and/or DD) who has to choose whether she wants to wear it and what she's expressing by doing so?

On a different note, perhaps if we could convince terrorists to drive SUVs, maybe we could do the Earth some good? Hmm....

vagabondblogger 02 June, 2008 13:48  

These are sold in a multitude of colors at Abercrombie and Fitch. Last year, Urban Outfitters had to pull them off the selves due to the same problem. And the New York Times had a fashion article feature about them, as well.

The Islamophobics call the scarves Islamofascist. Hahaha, beats me. My son always picks some up when he visits Cairo to take back for his friends.

Anonymous,  02 June, 2008 22:11  

totally blown out of proportion - Great site design btw!

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