News: Court rules Italian Carabinieri can not have affairs


Italy's Carabinieri policemen can't have extramarital affairs because they besmirch the honour of the corps, Italy's highest appeals court ruled today.

Upholding a four-month jail term for a Carabiniere who threatened a superior officer after being told to break off a relationship, the Cassation Court said the officer's order was "legitimate".

It said Carabinieri, like other members of the Italian military, were duty bound to "show in all circumstances exemplary conduct which safeguards the prestige of the armed forces". (Full)

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Picture courtesy Pensieri e Parole by Simone


Anonymous,  16 June, 2008 21:19  

I love that old 500. It's absolutely gorgeous!
Despite the fact we make a lot of jokes about the Carabinieri, I quite respect them. I would like to think of them as honest persons. Again, private matters are private matters. However, would you trust a person representing the State, knowing that he/she has an affair (or several affairs.....) and may be 1 or 2 kids at home with the actual wife/husband. I think I would be reluctant. If the marriage is not happy, and one wants back his/her freedom, there is always the divorce. Better than cheating.

vagabondblogger 16 June, 2008 23:51  

Love the car - Cinquecento!
Don't no much else like, about Carabinieri - sorry.

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