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Background information:
If I were to blog for money, I would have gone broke a long time ago :-), but I do accept ads for the different sites I manage.
They pay for the costs of hosting the sites, subscriptions to different Internet services and for the tools I use. Whatever is left over, I invest in microfinance projects for the developing world.
I take blogging seriously and with pride, trying to serve my readers' community. Since we started the blog projects in January 2007, our readership steadily increased. All sites together get about 60,000 unique visits per month. The Road to the Horizon, my main blog, has 12,000-15,000 visitors/month. Humanitarian News, my main aggregator now gets about 50,000 unique visitors/per month.

What ads do I take?
I take any ads as long as they are not advertising adult, illegal or clearly dubious content.

Which sites do I manage?
Here are the different sites I manage:

Where are the ads placed?
Dependent on the blog layouts, the ads are either put in the side column or at the bottom.

I don't use pop-ups, Flash, animated GIFs or other intrusive methods of advertising. Ads are clearly marked with a "Site Supporter" header. To separate ads from the blogs' contents, I don't embed ads within the blogposts, and don't write pseudo reviews about advertised products or services.

How long do the ads run?
The ads are prepaid and run for one year minimum, after which they can be renewed.

What are the rates?
The rates have remained the same in the past years. They differ dependent on the number of sites you advertise on. Contact me via peter (at) theroadtothehorizon (dot) org for the current price list.

How does this normally work?
  • a potential sponsor contacts me, we agree the rates (dependent on the formula the sponsor wants).
  • the sponsor sends me a text, with the links.
  • I edit these into an ad, and put them up on the site, as a "draft".
  • the sponsor pays via my Paypal account
  • The sponsor can always change the ad during a running year.
  • When the advertisement period is about to expire, I contact the sponsor for renewal. Every sponsor is free to extend or terminate their ads after a year.
Any questions? Feel free to contact me via peter(a)theroadtothehorizon(dot)org


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