It is not reaching the destination that counts

road signs on the beach near my house

It is not in the "what" but in the "how" we learn.

Apply this to projects at work, or in general things we do in life: it does not always matter the most IF you reach your goal, or WHEN, rather than HOW.

If you reach your project goals at work by pissing everyone off, is it really worth while?
If you head a project team, and as you move along, along the "Microsoft Project Gant charts" and "critical path analysis", are you also wondering how your team actually functions? What your team members learn along the way? Not just in technical bits, but also in real 'lessons of life'?

And when things go wrong, it is not "what" you do to rectify. But "how"... Do you retract into your old "securities"? Or do you really put yourself "out there".
And are you really?


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