Bye Bye Bush

bye bush

It must be sad to leave a job after 8 years, knowing most of the people you dealt with, think badly of you, and your performance.

Even more so when there's a couple of billion people thinking you are the worst ever.

Neeeeext !

Picture courtesy Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images


BLOGitse 21 January, 2009 15:06  

I'm not gonna miss him!

First time here, came from expat blog, I'll be back...

Sunny afternoon greetings from Cairo, Egypt!

Peter 21 January, 2009 18:53  


welcome to The Road. Looking forward to see you back..!


I wonder if the guy himself would realize!

From rainy and gloomy Rome,


Quail 25 January, 2009 18:05  

Many felt denied of full happiness when the hurled shoes in the press conference didn't hit their intended target. It would have been a good send off.

Peter 25 January, 2009 23:21  


Even if it did not physically hit the target, I am sure it was a home run in terms of symbolism ;-)

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