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I was sitting in my pj's in front of the window this morning, and got an email from Sue in Luanda, Angola. I answered and less than two minutes later, I got a reply.

It made me think of the time, back in 1994, when I was working in Angola. My family was in Belgium. The only way I could communicate with them was by fax (if the telephone lines and the electricity worked) or by radio. Often days, weeks would go by without contact.

In the first hour I got up today:

  • I exchanged Emails with people in Angola, Sudan and Zambia
  • I updated a spreadsheet on Google Apps shared with three people (I don't even know where they are in the world, I think one is in Nepal)
  • Twittered with three people in the USA, UK and Tajikistan
  • Had a Skype exchange with my friend at the Gaza/Egypt border
  • Read an update from a friend in Afghanistan
  • Checked a comment on our forum from a reader in Mexico
  • Looked at a video posted at the Davos World Economic Forum about food security
  • Saw that while I was sleeping, my blog was read by 763 people from 66 countries
If we can do all that, nothing should stop us from making this world a better place. That is the insight of the day: giving the power of communicating, gives power to the people. And that must have a positive outcome, by default. No?


Frugal Living 03 February, 2009 08:43  

Yes Internet really made our lives (at least for the most part) better. I think communication is the most improved part aside from general information is just a click away.

Chatting and email makes communication virtually free and in an instant. For those people I need to contact that's not online then I use my Onesuite voip account for making a cheap overseas call.

Google is synonymous now to the word search and Wikipedia for encyclopedia. Whenever we had some duscussion and we can't seem to agree who's right then we just fire up our browser and within seconds wikipedia or Google will show us the answer.

You can also watch news, tv series, sports on the net. So basically having a fast internet connection can give you access to free and cheap calls, tv shows online and vast information on anything.

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