An update on our micro-finance project

Samon Chork Group in Cambodia , one of our Kiva loans today

Today, I allocated the final balance for the funds raised via the "Change Starts Here" kick-off post.

I also re-invested US$141 received as repayments for loans we gave in the past two months.

The loans given today were:

  1. Olawuni Emmanuel in Nigeria: $25 to increase stocks in her shop.
  2. Tinuke Tajudeen in Nigeria: $50 to increase her soft drinks stock in her shop.
  3. Mery in Peru: $50 for her shop's beauty product stocks.
  4. Samon Chork Women in Cambodia: $75 to buy more cattle.
  5. Hermelinda Sinarahua in Peru: $50 for more food ingredients for her small restaurant.
  6. Mawusse Attila in Togo: $50 for her shop's stock increase.
  7. Khalida Parveen Women in Pakistan : $100 for the repair of a rikshaw, a new donkey cart, and different tools.
  8. Nupcia Suarez in Nicaragua: $50 for a fence around her home so she can live more secure.
  9. Luaiva Tiamamana in Samoa: $50 to start her ice-cake business.
  10. Magdalena in Peru: $50 to increase the stocks of her shop.
  11. Sharofat Turaqulova in Tajikistan: $50 to buy a new stock of winter clothing for her shop.
I am also happy to announce the other Road's team members have now allocated $350 of loans by themselves. The snowball effect.

Don't just sit there! Join our Kiva lending team. It takes 10 minutes and you can allocate loans as small as $25 to any project you like. There is no overhead, you pay via your credit card, and when loans are repaid, they are repaid to YOU and not to the team.

Monitor our project's progress on our score card.
Join the "Change Start Here"-thread in our discussion forum.


Anonymous,  13 January, 2009 09:57  

Exicellent work! I have linked to your blog, and also wrote a short post about this site.


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