Dubai: End of "sex on the beach" saga.

sex on the beach couple

How a three days trip to a holiday resort turned into a five month's involuntary stay in Dubai:

On July 5th, two Brits, Vince Acors and Michelle Palmer got accused of having sex on the beach in Dubai.

Mr Acors was on a three days business trip, and Ms Palmer worked in Dubai. She got fired by her employer in a matter of days after their arrest. (Full)

Several months legal battling hit the international press as the "Sex on the Beach"-trial. Both were initially given a three-month jail term for unmarried sex and public indecency. The court also them 1,000 dirhams (US$367). But the sentence was suspended on appeal. Finally, both were pardoned before being deported.

Last week, five months after the beach adventure, Mr Acors was re-arrested at the Dubai airport, as he prepared to board his UK-bound flight, due to a hold-up in the deportation process. He spent the weekend in jail. (Full)

Mr Acors finally made it to the UK on Christmas Eve and gave a press conference about how his three-day business trip turned out to be a five months involuntary stay in Dubai.
Ms Palmer also returned from Dubai in December. (Full)

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