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Unknown 24 June, 2009 22:55  

I am in IT, hence the cynicism...

In IT, if it can fail, it will fail, only the amount of smoke, sparks and flames differ...if there is a hole, it will be found and it won't be comfortable.


How does one know that a Kiva partner is not simply taking some digi's of the locals, making up a sob story and getting the 2% loans from Kiva to run their own personal money lending business?

I could do that in the states too and make money on interest alone, except perhaps for all of the laws and attorneys and courts and jails and stuff.

Peter 24 June, 2009 23:04  


It is a fair question, Mike. All Kiva partners are registered in Mix. Here is a typical profile of a partner. If you look at the financial details, and the level of detail, that makes me feel quite comfortable.

On top of that, Kiva sends out Kiva fellows to check on the ground on how the partner organisations work, so there is quite some 'social checking'...


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