Rumble: Update on The Road's Social Project

Kiva An update on Change Starts Here, The Road's Social Project:

1/ Since November 3rd, we supported the following projects:
- The Danaya women in Mali: US$100 (Start-up donation by The Road)
- The Essofalafia women in Togo:
US$150 (donation by colleagues from work)
US$25 (donation on Kiva by Peter, one The Road's readers)

2/ Funds raised through comments on the post announcing "Change Starts Here": US$24 (Closing date: Dec 31st, tell your friends to leave a comment there.)

3/ Total members of The Road's Kiva Lending Team: 5 (recently joined: Peter (not me!), Cyrus and Harry.

Thank you all for your support. This is only the beginning.


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