Rumble: Web 2.0 and African farmers

The use of technology in rural development has always been a hot debate amongst "those who mean well". Some say it is better to use and encourage traditional methods. Others are convinced technology has no frontier and needs to be brought to those that can benefit the most.

Web 2.0, the collaborative Web, is one of those technologies. This video illustrates how data communications together with collaborative technologies such as blogs, vlogs, podcasts, wiki-type knowledge bases and discussion fora could help spread knowledge in rural areas.

BROSDI (Busoga Rural Open Source & Development Initiative) is an example of a not-for-profit organization in Uganda that works with government and the civil society in improving rural livelihoods using Web 2.0 technology.
Discovered via For Those Who Want to Know".


Anonymous,  20 November, 2008 22:58  

During the web2fordev meeting in Rome last year I chaired a session where Ednah Karamagi from BROSDI presented "knowledge sharing in the rural community through adoption of web 2". It was a heartening and inspirational presentation! Effective use of innovative web2.0 technology to support local communities! Check out for more effective uses of web 2.0 technologies on and (site from conference last year..) - note: I just checked the sites now and they seem to be down... ouch!

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