News: OneWorld votes for "People of 2008"

One World's People of 2008One of the news sources I check regularly, OneWorld, is running "People of 2008", a showcase of people who stood for human rights, fair distribution of the world's resources, simple and sustainable ways of life, the right to inform and be informed, participation and transparency in decision making and diversity.

The finalists are out and you can now vote amongst aid workers who gave their lives to help others, creative entrepreneurs who are improving lives in India and Africa, and Europe's "mayor of the future" who's tackling climate change head on.
There is a woman who organizes her community to look after those living with AIDS. Others are fighting for justice in Peru, women's rights in Iran, and peace in Pakistan and the Middle East. And the incredible women of the Democratic Republic of Congo, who are working everyday to hold their families together despite unthinkable danger and unspeakable personal tragedies. (Full)


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