Rumble: It is cold here...

I am home for the weekend. Left Rome on Friday evening 7 PM, and it was 17 dgs C. Arrived in Belgium two hours later, and it was +1 dgs C.

Today it is freezing and snowing. Brrr...

I tell you: climate and weather does have an effect on people.

This is how it looked at noon time:

A cold november morning in belgium

In the afternoon, it started snowing:

Cold November day in Belgium

And just as the sun was setting in weird yellow/soft pinkish colour (the pictures below are unretouched!), it was clear I was going to have problems getting to the airport. If flights would not be cancelled, that is.

Belgium and it is not supposed to be winter yet.

Belgium and it is not supposed to be winter yet.

It snowed so hard, cars were skidding on the road. Belgians are not prepared for winter weather. Not even by essentials, e.g. we hardly ever put winter tyres on. So when it snows a bit, everything is a mess.

I live 40 km from Brussels airport. It took me three hours to get there. Train delayed by 30 minutes. Stopped half way, I had to change to another, which I missed. Next one stopped due to a frozen track and had to go back. I am at the airport now. Flight delayed by 2 hours, for starters.
Life is an adventure. ;-)


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