Rumble: The Road's Kiva project 2: Essofalafia

Essofalafia in Togo

Here is a summary of The Road's second social project:

A micro-financing loan to the Essofalafia women's association in Togo.

Created in 2007, the ESSOFALAFIA association is an energetic group of married women in Agoe (Togo) who share their financial means for the benefit of their households.

They have different businesses such as selling cereals (corn, beans), mats and soaps. Since their main business is related to cereals, they have a common shop where they stock their goods.

The first loan the members of this association are seeking will enable them to buy 11 sacks of corn, 6 sacks of bean, 35 mats and 8 boxes of soap. With this new stock, they will be able to make more sales and to provide for their families. (See their full profile on Kiva).

Their loan went through "WAGES", a local micro financing partner of Kiva.)

Loan Request: $1,850.00
Raised so far: $450.00 $1,850
Repayment terms: 15 months

This is The Road's 2nd social project. We gave them a loan of US$150 (Here is our first project).

We collected the funds for our loan during an (excellent) Ethiopian dinner prepared by Selamawit in Rome. Contributors were: Ekram (Libya), Selamawit (Ethiopia), Ray (Uganda), Hetty (Holland), Laurent (France), Tanaz (US) and Peter (Belgium). Some pictures:

Selamawit and Ekram

Selamawit serving coffee

More on The Road's social project "Change Starts Here".
You can keep track of our project via our score card.


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