Picks of the week: Firewood, humane investment and Oops


Here are the interesting links I harvested this week:

  • Starting on a lighter note: If you suffer of flight anxiety, you should NOT want to visit The Oops List. A simple site with nothing but links to pictures, audio and video about aircraft (and other) accidents. Full of treasures. Mostly hilarious. Some sad. Others plain scary. My favourite is the clip called "My Dog Skip".

  • Onto more serious matter: Get Beyond Firewood highlights the plight of refugee women, a very pragmatic way. Every day, millions of refugee women and girls around the world risk being raped, beaten —even killed— as they search for the firewood they need to cook food for their families. This site offers alternatives for firewood. Simple.

  • The Women's Commission for Refugee Women and Children advocates for the rights of refugee women and children.

  • Good.AllTop aggregates news about "doing good". It also features The Road to the Horizon (with thanks!).

  • MyC4 allows you to invest in a good cause. They raise capital for African entrepreneurs as a tool in the fight to end poverty. So far 10,300 investors from 78 countries have invested €5,668,392 in 3,306 businesses through this site. The average interest rate for investors is 12.9% p.a.

  • If you want to invest in a good cause, but you are not looking for interest, your Pick of the Week is definitively Kiva. If Kiva and micro-financing is your thing, join The Road's Lenders Team! Check out our score card for The Road's latest micro-financing investments in Kiva.

  • And last but least, you should have a look at my latest labour:
    - AidBlogs shows all the latest post from the aidworker blogs I list in the right column of The Road.
    - The Signs Along The Road is a scratch pad for random clips.
    - For Those Who Want to Know summarizes all blogs listed my "Resources for/by Aidworkers"
    - Aid News summarizes all recent humanitarian news, assembled from over 50 different sources.
More Picks of the Week on The Road

Picture via The Oops List


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