Rumble: Flying remains an adventure

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08:30 - At Copenhagen airport... 8:30 and the sun just came up... Ready to fly back to Rome.

09:45 - "This is your captain speaking. Unfortunately, we have been hit by a ladder of the ground crew. Repairs will take an hour."

10:30 - "This is your captain speaking... We are still looking for the spare part." - anyone got a spare wing light for an MD82?

repairs on plane this morning

In the end, we took off with a little more than one hour delay. But the adventure was still to come. Approaching Rome's Fiumicino airport, the clouds got thicker and thicker. It looked like we were landing for 45 minutes. Turbulence got heavier, having people "Ohhh" and "Oosh". Plane swing up, down, left, right. Funny to see how much flex an MD82 has.

We got a direct hit by lightning (which was a bit of an anti-climax, as there was not that much of a bang, just a lot of light and a bump as if the plane hit a speed bump).

The final approach showed the strength of the wind as we were crab-crawling sideways towards the landing strip.

The applause for the pilot was well deserved...

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