News: Bill Clinton - Charity only goes this far.

Hillary Bill ClintonFormer US president Bill Clinton has garnered hundreds of millions of dollars for his charitable foundation, which provides AIDS medicines, health-care services, and agriculture assistance in Africa and elsewhere.

The Clinton Foundation is one of the most successful fund-raising organizations in the US. Bill Clinton biggest accomplishment as a philanthropist has been to convince pharmaceutical companies to reduce the cost of AIDS and malaria medicines for impoverished regions of the world.

Now that Ms Hillary Clinton has been offered the post of "Secretary of State" in Obama's upcoming government, the Clintons are in a bind.. Why? Well the contacts Mista Clinton has and should have for his philanthropic work, might conflict with interests of state, which Missas Clinton stands for.

There is already an uproar in the US charitable world as Mista Clinton has turned over more than 200,000 names of donors who have given to his nonprofit group, a move he has resisted in the past, promising anonymity...

What’s more, Mista Clinton is expected to divorce himself from the Clinton Global Initiative, an annual meeting of world leaders, wealthy philanthropists, and celebrities. It is unclear how the conference would continue without Mista Clinton. Since it started in 2005, Mista Clinton says the meeting has generated $46-billion in charitable commitments. (Full)

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