News: Dubai builds the world's tallest tower (again)

The world's tallest tower in Dubai

The world's tallest tower in Dubai

Currently, the world's tallest structure is the soon to be finished the Burj Dubai, which is rumoured to stand at 818 meters. Today, Dubai revealed its successor, the Nakheel Tower, to be "over one kilometre" high and have more than 200 floors.

The world's tallest tower in Dubai

The new superstructure is part of a US$38.12 billion project that includes the world’s first inner city harbour.

The Nakheel Tower will have more than 150 lifts and house 19,000 apartments with 10,000 parking spaces. The complex will provide homes and offices for 100,000 people.

If all the reinforcing bars were laid end to end they would stretch from Dubai to New York -- one quarter of the way round the world. 30,000 workers will be involved in construction

The world's tallest tower in Dubai

The new tower will be so tall it will have five different micro-climates. The temperature in the atmosphere at the top of the building could be as much as 10 degrees cooler than at the bottom. (Full)

Pictures courtesy Nakheel.

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Anonymous,  07 October, 2008 17:11  

Does Dubai really need that much real estate? :o

Anonymous,  12 October, 2008 19:56  

I guess there was not enough sand to build on.. After all there is no space there ;-)

But the building project will be good. There will probably be yet another 10,000 Pakistanis exploited on their 100 USD a month salaries (with a minimum 2 year without weekend not holiday contracts) to help build the thing. They wont complain too much as their salary will be higher than what they could make at home. I guess though they better build another 5 layers on sheikh zayed to be able to cater for all the 15 meter limos needed to take the people to the building. When will the building bubble burst?!

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