News: How does it feel to be caught in cross fire...

This video was filmed by an amateur in East Congo (DRC), interviewing a Virunga National Park ranger. As the interview progresses, the cross fire between rebel and government troops comes nearer. You can almost feel the fear and panic from the people running past the camera.

The conflict in DRC is one of the most underreported civil wars, killing an estimated 45,000 people per month. Per month!
Fighting in eastern Congo has driven some 200,000 from their homes during the last eight weeks, exacerbating an already dire humanitarian crisis. (Full)

Update: Regarding the actual video shoot: It was shot to show the plight of the wardens at the Virunga National Park. Things just got worse. Rebels took over Rumangabo's ranger station, in what seems a major offensive. The Virunga rangers have fled into the mountains. (Full)

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Video courtesy - The Virunga National Park website. Picked up from Humanitarian Relief, discovered on AidBlogs.


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