Rumble: Summer is over (snif)

Summer came late this year, in Italy. As I live two blocks from the sea, I saw the beaches gradually getting more crowded.

This is all over now. Three weeks ago, I left Rome for a weekend in Belgium. I left on the friday evening, and it was 37°C. When I came back on the Sunday evening, it was 16°C.

Last week, I had to switch the heating on, and a walk on beach yesterday required a sweater and rain gear. Winter is definitively coming fast.

Fall in Fregene

fall in fiumicino (2)

Storm in Fiumicino

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Peter (Worldman): 06 October, 2008 04:16  

Ok, summer is gone. And, as you say, winter is coming fast. But in between, we will have autumn. Which, in Switzerland, is often a wonderful period. And I am happy to go back in the middle of this, my favorite, season.

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