News: Non-profit organisations listed on the stock market: IPOs for charity

These days, stockmarkets stand out in only one thing: they crash like there is no tomorrow.

However, here is something different. In many ways.

The Canadian Women's Foundation (CWF), a national public foundation dedicated to improving the lives of women and girls, took its shares to the stockmarket. They are now offering an Immediate Public Opportunity (IPO) to take stock in the future of girls.

Charitable shares, a new way of fundraising for a good cause?The Girls' Growth Fund offers the public the possibility to invest in girls across Canada. During the sales period, 10,000 shares at $100 each will be made available, raising $1 million.

CWF will use the capital to make a three-year investment in 15 Canadian programs for disadvantaged girls. There is no financial but rather an "ethical" return for the investors. (article in the press)

What do you think? Is this the way charity should go to raise funds for their cause? Or is this a mere publicity stunt? Should the UN put out an IPO on the stock market to be able to reach the Millenium Development goals?
Your views in comments are welcome!

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Story discovered via Change! and For Those Who Want to Know


DJ 25 October, 2008 20:43  

It's basically a publicity stunt. If there's no expected return, it's not an investment. They're just asking people to donate in $100 increments.

I'm not saying there's anything wrong with it necessarily, but it really is just a fundraising drive.

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