News: Economic crisis - beginning of global socialism?

An overview of the interventions governments have made to "rescue" banks up today:

Bank Date Status
Fannie Mae 07 Sep Nationalised
Freddie Mac 07 Sep Nationalised
Lehman Bros 15 Sep Collapsed
Merrill Lynch 15 Sep Taken over
AIG 16 Sep Part-nationalised
HBOS 17 Sep Taken over
WaMu 25 Sep Collapsed and sold
Fortis 28 Sep Nationalised
Bradford & Bingley 29 Sep Nationalised
Wachovia 29 Sep Taken over
Glitnir 29 Sep Nationalised
Hypo Real Estate 06 Oct Rescue package
RBS 13 Oct Part-nationalised
Lloyds TSB 13 Oct Part-nationalised

What is this? Beginning of global socialism? Of global anarchy?

Source: BBC


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