Rumble: I have one question left...

You know in the past months I have been working on increasing the download speed of The Road to the Horizon. It seems the choice of your browser is as important as me optimising the site.


Look at these... The Javascript speed of Chrome -the new Google freeware browser- and Firefox beating up Internet Explorer.

Knowing also the problems Internet Explorer has in seemingly "hanging" for seconds when downloading pages, I have only one question left in my mind:

Why did I wait so long to abandon Explorer?

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Voegtli 01 November, 2008 05:09  

I downloadad Chrome the day it was available. I also use Firefox and Opera. What is Internet Explorer? I have never heard of it? :-)

Paddy in BA (Quickroute) 03 November, 2008 03:12  

I ditched IE years ago and have been using FF but it seems to eat memory the longer it's open.

I've had good experiences with Opera.

I like Chrome for speed but have some weird cache issues i.e. not seeing updated blog posts on mine and others sites for hours / days

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