Rumble: Darfur Now!

"Darfur Now" is not just a factual movie. It is an in-your-face call to action for people everywhere to help end the crisis in Darfur. For the first time in history, the US Government has declared a genocide while it is ongoing, and that is a bad sign.

The movie shows the struggles and achievements of six very different individuals who bring to light the situation in Darfur and the need to get involved:
A UCLA graduate in Los Angeles (CA), a Darfurian woman who joined the rebel forces, the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court in The Hague, a UN humanitarian on the ground in Sudan, an internationally known actor and activist, and finally to a community leader in a West Darfur refugee camp.

The film portrays the heroic efforts of six people responding to a humanitarian tragedy unfolding before our eyes. (More)

The official trailer can also be found on YouTube

If you have a high bandwidth Internet connection, you can watch the full movie online here.

More on The Road about Darfur, Sudan and genocide


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