News: After blocking YouTube and WordPress, Turkey now bans Blogger

Turkey: freedom of press, a long way to go

TalkTurkey reports:
You have Blogger? Turkey has Blocker!

First, it was Wordpress. Then YouTube. And now Blogger, world's largest 'free' blog service, is blocked or banned in Turkey.

Why? What difference does it make? What's next? The Internet?

BasBasBas reports:

Blogger banned in Turkey

Since today, whoever tries to access Blogger or any * domain from Turkey will get the (above) message on (their) screen.

This is the same message we get if we try to visit YouTube, which is also banned in Turkey. In the past blogging platform has been banned as well, to much dismay of many Turkish bloggers.

Turkey’s EU ambitions seem paradoxical to the infringement on the freedom of press and speech of its citizens, residents and visitors by banning sites like this. This is not China. This has to stopped. Good thing the EU’s making a blacklist of censoring countries and are creating software for people in censoring countries to use to overcome the censorship (Global Online Freedom Act).

[Ed: Turkey: a member of NATO, and pushing hard to become part of the EU... It looks like one of the basic conditions of democracy, freedom of expression, is not even met.]

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Cartoon courtesy TalkTurkey and BasBasBas. Discovered via Global Voices Online and For Those Who Want To Know


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