Rumble: The download speed of The Road. You spoke!


For the past two weeks, I have been tweaking the download speed of The Road to the Horizon.

I optimized, moved or deleted a lot of unnecessary widgets, and experimented with higher compression for the pictures.
For the bloggers amongst you, I wrote down my experiences in this post.

During the tuning I ran a small poll. 57 readers answered the question "How do you rate the download speed of The Road?"

Your answers were:
Fast: 13 (22%) - Good: 14 (24%) - OK: 14 (24%)
Rather slow: 12 (21%) - Too slow: 4 (7%)

So, 70% of you found the speed OK (or better), which is pretty good.

Thanks a LOT for the feedback during the work. I will try to keep the speed up!


Paddy in BA (Quickroute) 15 October, 2008 20:32  

Thanks for the tips - I did a similar exercise recently but still need to tweak as it's too slow

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