News: Palin first travelled abroad two years ago.

the american way

There is a growing frustration in the world about the US domination of the global politics and economy. These last weeks we saw the widespread ripple effect of what originally was a US domestic issue: the bankrupcy of a financial institution due to lack of proper oversight, as just one example

It made me think: with that level of influence on the world, what insight do US government leaders have on other countries, on cultures. A question easily translated into the question: "How well are they travelled?".

Some research on the Internet did not give me much confidence in US politics. Some examples:

The former House majority leader Richard K. Armey (R-Tex.), said in July 1998 that he wasn't much interested in foreign travel. "I've been to Europe once, and I don't need to go again." (Full)

Before taking up his presidency in 2001, George W. Bush visited 10 countries: China, Japan, Mexico, Spain, Britain, Ireland, Egypt, Israel, Italy and Gambia. (Full)

What really beats me is that Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin got her first passport in 2006. Up to now she has visited just four countries: Canada, German, and a visit to the Alaskan National Guard troops in Iraq and Kuwait. Oh, and she did a refueling stop-over in Ireland too. (Full)

Picture courtesy Margaret Bourke-White (via Zone Zero)

4 comments: 12 October, 2008 02:20  

Wow, yes I now am convinced she could kick butt at the next G8 meeting! hahahaha

Anonymous,  12 October, 2008 17:21  

I don't think she went into Eye-Raq; just inside the border :-)

Peter 12 October, 2008 17:25  

@the beaver:
might be.. The way you wrote it, though, made me think of this post about the iRack hahaha.

Welcome! Well I would think she would seduce them all with her southern charm, and winking her way along!

Anonymous,  12 October, 2008 19:35  

Unbelievable yet the fact. The worlds biggest and best (atleast they keep on telling themselves) and the land of the free? (they forgot ignorant) can choose someone who has no more knowledge of the world than a 3rd grader in any European country. In third grade it is common to learn about the name and capitals of the closest neighbour countries. Atleast she knows she has to watch the airspace of US from invaders from the east,

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