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Hey, don't sit around thinking 'I wish I could do something to make a difference in the world'! Well, DO something! Here are two easy ways to help. And you don't even have to leave your home....

1. Are you an aid worker? Or interested in humanitarian topics in the international news? Or are you regularly browsing the web, checking out the news in general? Then you must regularly come across articles we are interested in at "The International Aidworkers Today".

This is a group we recently started with some friends on Newsvine. Each time we find an interesting article, we "seed" this into Newsvine: a simple copy/paste of the link, title and the first paragraph... The article is then automatically fed into Newsvine, and into the Aid Workers group.
The articles are about aid or development work - with all issues around it, including the international politics - and all humanitarian topics.
The goal is two fold: Raise the general public's awareness about humanitarian issues and provide a forum where these news articles can be discussed amongst group members.

Help us seeding articles by registering to Newsvine and joining the aidworkers Newsvine group.

2. There are all kinds of short or longer term tasks and assignments from a wide range of interests where you can help through the Online Volunteering site. The help needed by the non-for-profit organisations varies from website design, help in editing papers, research on specific topics or looking for funding.
I recently finished an assignment for the The Aidworkers Network, and it was fun.

Picture courtesy Genevieve Choine and Ramin Rafirasme (WFP)
PS: Ramin is one of the best male belly dancers I know! ;-)


Anonymous,  28 February, 2008 05:04  

There are many ways to get involved as an online volunteer. You are right that sometimes the biggest step is to stop thinking about volunteering and just do it.

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