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L, a friend working in Kosovo, sent me her story of the Kosovo Independence day, a sequel to her previous post.

Sunday morning, Feb 17 2008.
Kosovo awakens to another cold day, covered in a mantle of snow. It might be its last day as a Serbian province. We have agreed to meet for brunch in the market, at what we call "Police Avenue", right in front of the Justice and Police Department. There are a lot of known faces, internationals, some with a hangover from the day before, taking re-hydration salts to recover and get ready for today, the big day.. (Read the full post)

Thanks again to "L" for the story and "E" for the editing.
Picture courtesy AP (Visar Kryeziu)


Voegtli 20 February, 2008 04:27  

My plans where to be with my friends in Kosovo to celebrate. But work did not permit it. Because I also will get a mission from the Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs to whom my agency which seconded me to WFP belongs to. But then, after all the sms's I sent I have now been on the phone for hours with them.

Peter 20 February, 2008 06:37  

I guess we were all there in spirit ;-)

Anonymous,  25 February, 2011 07:47  

What a sad story...

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