News: Kosovo, The Birth of a Nation.

This is a story from "L.", a friend working in Kosovo. The story of Kovoso's independence, seen from within.

Friday Feb 15, 2008.

It's the coldest day of this year, 2008.... Last night, as we were all holding our breath waiting to see what would happen during the meeting of the Assembly, it started snowing... At first it was really light, almost invisible, but little by little it came down in heaps... We've all been joking that the icing on the cake would be an electricity cut just when they're making the announcement. Lately, it's gone back to 5 - 7, 9 - 11 or 11 - 1, depending on the areas. (Read the full post)

The follow-up story of "L", you find here.

Thanks again for the story, "L". And flowers to "E", for the translation!
Picture courtesy AP (Bela Szandelszky)


Anonymous,  19 February, 2008 12:30  

Hi Peter,

I know that you're out of HAM BIZ now, but probably you can explain me something.
As you probably know OH2BH & Co in Kosovo now and working with "License" from UNMIK.
This is a official version from this DX team.

Also, as you know UNMIK never released any HAM Radio Licenses before and don't want to have any deal with HAM's
YU8- follow to ITU / IARU Regulations still is a Serbian prefix and covered by Belgrade MOTC.

Tell me please, how it possible for Temporary Administration in Kosovo i.e. UNMIK released HAM License like YU8/OH2BH and for others in this team?
Where is truth?

Any your comments is very much appreciated.

73 rw3ah Andrey

Peter 19 February, 2008 20:10  

Hi Andey,

When I used to be there, I had my license from KFOR, but that is 8-9 years ago.. I don't know what is the rule now...
1/ Is there not a precedent where a country, previously part of another country, goes independent, but still uses the previously allocated ITU prefix (even though it officially still belongs to the "mother country"?
2/ As you know, in situations where a country declares itself independent, it is always unclear who is the licensing authority, and as of what moment, the country is accepted for DXCC...
3/ There are plenty of precedents where a "UN transitional administration", gives out radio licenses (I got my East Timor license from UNTAET back in 2000)...

I do not have an opinion one way or the other on this matter..


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