Rumble: My Home Town

I am still looking at the pictures we took last weekend, during our evening walk along Flander's coast...

Ostend by sunset

I was born and raised in Ostend, and left only after I graduated, at the age of 23. But I always come back, even if it was only for the sea. She has always attracted me. The scent of the silt, the mighty power and potential to harm or kill at any moment. Yet endlessly beautiful, inspiring and gracious. Ever changing colours and behaviour, changing moods in a flash.

boat entering Ostend port

Maybe it was the sense of endlessness, the travel, "leaving but never knowing when you would come back" which always attracted me to the sea. Or the freedom. Just take off in a boat and... go!

Ostend's boardwalk

This boardwalk ("staketsel" in Flemish), runs along the entrance of the port, once busy with a active fishing fleet, cargo vessels and ferries to England. Every so often, a large vessel looses control over its helm, and rams the boardwalk, chewing out a whole piece. And every time, it is repaired. As a kid, we used to climb from the side of the boardwalk down to water level, and drop fish heads strung on a cord in the water, waiting for the crabs to bite into the bait. Or on the beach, next to the board walk, we would collect empty bottles, and get money from the shop when we returned them. Always good for a handful of fresh candy.

Ostend's boardwalk


Carlos Alberto Moro 22 February, 2008 17:24  

Nice comments about your hometown... and I felt strange in remember my hometown, but they are not similar, not at all !!!

I think that is the feeling about the things we had in the childhood, the feelings that blurred in the actual days, appears to be so sharp in that ol times...

Thamks for the moment...

Carlos, from Brazil.

Peter 23 February, 2008 09:07  

Hi Carlos...
Yeah, maybe remember my childhood is a sign I am getting old..

Or maybe a sign of wisdom (remembering what we learned in the past, and applying it now!)...
Maybe that thought is just wishful thinking for me. hahaha...

Tnx for your reaction!


Anonymous,  29 August, 2008 09:35  

Wow! Awesome pictures! It's not my Sevylor but it's great. I love seeing pictures of older boats.

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