Rumble: the Road's Kiva project 9: Oñondivepa

the Onondivepa group

Here is a summary of The Road's 9th social project:

A micro-financing loan to the Oñondivepa Women's Group in Paraguay.

This group was by Lucia Baez de Oviedo, who learned about the program via the members of the "Mujeres en Accion" ("Women in Action") group.

The members of the Oñondivepa live in all in the same neighbourhood, Puerto Pabla, in the city of Lambare (Paraguay).

Each of the members has in interesting story. For instance Basilia Lima de Maciel, who was widowed 5 years ago and has 4 children. They are already grown and married with children. Basilia is very involved in the community and visits the ill in the neighborhood, bringing them words of hope.

She learned in a course how to embroider with thread, crochet style. She makes baby clothing, stockings, gloves, little shoes, hats for newborns, but also women's clothing such as blouses, skirts, dresses, shirts, etc.

Here are all the activities from the other group members are listed:
Lucia Báez de Oviedo (Production and Sale of Flags)
Sonia Liz Mineur Díaz (Production and Sale of Clothing)
Basilia Lima de Maciel (Crochet and Ao Poi (traditional Paraguayan weaving))
Idalina Cuevas (Crochet )
Luisa Maciel de Cardozo (Food Sales)
Gregoria Salinas de Cañiza (Cosmetics Sales)
Clotilde Espinoza de Ibarra (General Store)
Bertilda Balbuena Vera (Sale of Empanadas)
Aurelia Velazquez Díaz (Fruit and Vegetable Sales)
Fortunata González (General Store)
Maura Cuellar Coronel (Production and Sale of Clothing)
Cirila Vera de Balbuena (Sale of Cleaning Products)
Vilma Chaparro de Báez (Production and Sale of Ao Poi (traditional Paraguayan weaving)
Rosa Estigarribia Barrientos (Crochet)
Gabriela Chavez (Production and Sale of Clothing)
Teodora Rodas de Ferreira (Fruit and Vegetable Sales)
María Damiana Martinez (Food Sales)
Myrian Felipa Patiño de Delgado (Ice Cream Sales)

This is a group loan. The loan funds will be distributed among the group members, each of whom will invest in their own business. The members mutually guarantee one another's loans. If one member does not repay, the other members are responsible for repayment. (See also Oñondivepa's full profile on Kiva)

This loan goes through "Fundación Paraguaya", the local micro financing partner of Kiva.

Loan Request: $2,225
Repayment terms: 4 months (Deadline April 15 2009)
We gave them a loan of US$100

This is The Road's 9th social project. The funds for this loan were donated by the VK0IR Heard Island expedition team.

More on The Road's social project "Change Starts Here".
You can keep track of our project via our score card.


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