News: UN - millions, billions and zillions.

UN faced with reality

Two weeks ago, the UN asked for record budget of US$7 billion to help 30 million people recover from disasters and conflict next year. This was the largest appeal in its history. (Full)

This week the UN's boss asked for an infusion of US$30 billion to help restructure world agriculture and create long-term food security. (Full)

And to cap it all, yesterday, the UN's climate change body asked for US$130 billion dollars a year to help poor countries adapt to global warming and curb their carbon emissions. (Full)

You might ask yourself up to what point all of this continues to sound credible. And not in the least to donor countries. It might start to look like a void competition with senseless astronomical figures.

The UK, one of the UN's biggest funders (US$1 billion per year), is already raising the alarm flag. International Development Minister Gareth Thomas told UN officials yesterday: "Presently the UN is not fit to lead the world's response to eradicating poverty and tackling the climate crisis." (Full)

This is not the first time Mr.Thomas confronted the UN. A couple of weeks ago, he stated in a speech for UNHCR that "a lack of leadership in the UN's handling of humanitarian emergencies is costing lives". (Full)

This might be an early warning flag that in a time where governments are too preoccupied with bailing out their own economies, the aid-tap will be turned off. (More)

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