Rumble: Three struggling aid workers.

Three posts by people working in the humanitarian field caught my eye today.

Kanae got ripped off in the immigration office in Cambodia, and asks the question: "Why? I am here to help. So why are you doing this to me?" (More)

Phil in Afghanistan is struggling with the arch-question of any aidworker with a conscience: "Why do I have it better than those I am trying to help?" More)

Alana in the US: "I have a mortgage to pay and a family to feed – however much I’d like to, I can’t devote my whole life to pro bono work." (More)

The latter two reminded me of my post: As an aidworker, are we allowed to have a life?

Discovered via AidBlogs


Unknown 19 December, 2008 17:41  

For another take the antipathy that many aid workers exhibit towards their own good fortune check out Seth Freedman's "Battling it out at the Gym" article.

Peter 19 December, 2008 19:46  

@Patronus Analytical...

That is a funny & sad article...

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