Goodbye to a friend.

We knew since a couple weeks Thomas was ill. But we did not know it was all going to be over this fast. Thomas passed away last Saturday.

It seems like just yesterday, we're standing by the pool in the back of the office, smoking a cigarette. And now he is no longer with us. The memories remain.

Safe journey, my friend. We mourn. But the memories still bring smiles on our faces.


Thomas Keuster with Spain's Queen Sofia
at the Wat Run primary school (Siem Reap, Cambodia)
earlier this year.

Update March 17 2009:
Posthumously, Thomas received the "Tun Myat Award for Excellence in Humanitarian Logistics" at a moving staff ceremony today.


Anonymous,  22 December, 2008 17:42  

I am in mourning.

I have lost a colleague, a boss and a friend that has brought change to my life by showing me the path of being a humanitarian worker. The path of my life that I have been living through for the past 10 years.

Goodbye Pak Thom. It was a funny kind of sick feeling that I have now to recall that it was the last time that I saw your name popping up online on my skype on Friday afternoon and yet I didn't get the chance to greet you then.

Thanks Peter for putting up the post.


Anonymous,  06 January, 2009 16:19  

Thank you Peter.

Anonymous,  24 August, 2012 11:32  

I met Thomas when on a UN Fellowship Programme at WFP Cambodia. That was 2005, seems like ages ago, but I still have all the memories...One of the best years of my life, and Thomas ome of the best Managers of my career. I heard from connections and friends he was ill - this is very sad, and still painful after couple of years.



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