News: Zimbabwe, cholera and denial.

cholera in Zimbabwe

Last Thursday's statement from Zimbabwe's president Mugabe that "the cholera epidemy was over" was in stark contract with what the news articles.

AidNews makes it easy to track. Just search "Zimbabwe, cholera" and this is what you find:

Dec 4:
Government declares a national emergency

More than 500 cholera deaths after water and health sector collapse in Zimbabwe

Dec 5:

More Than 300,000 Citizens Threatened By Cholera
Cholera claims more than 560 lives in Zimbabwe

Dec 6:

UN Reports 14,000 Cholera Cases

Dec 7:
Britain plots Zimbabwe invasion - Mugabe spokesman

Dec 8:

'If Cholera Doesn't, Hunger Will Finish Us'

Dec 9:

Zimbabwe cholera death toll reaches 589, says UN

Up to 60,000 could catch cholera in Zimbabwe-WHO

Dec 10:

Widespread collapse of social services creates 'twin disaster' in Zimbabwe

World leaders call for Zimbabwe’s Mugabe to step down

Zimbabwe cholera deaths climb to 774-U.N.

Cholera outbreak eclipsing AIDS crisis

Zimbabwe aid workers wrestle to contain cholera
Mozambique: Cholera Outbreak Near Zimbabwean Border

Dec 11:

S.Africa officials declare disaster on Zimbabwe border

Zimbabwe cholera epidemic 'worsening' says aid agency

Dec 12:
Country Approaching 'Failed State' Status, U.S. Ambassador Says

Dec 13:

Mugabe's Spokesman Defends Cholera Denial As Crisis Worsens

'U.S. Masterminded Cholera Outbreak'

Britain, U.S. Caused Cholera, Says Govt

Picture courtesy New York Times


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