Rumble: Software developers indited for crimes against humanity

Okay... I consider myself an IT person. My work is mostly IT related. Not as a user, but as an IT systems provider. I am supposed to like IT stuff. But I don't. I think these days, IT is no longer a service. It is a drag. A burden.

This afternoon, this error message just gave me the creeps:

Stupid Error Message. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

Make a selection. OK. Make a selection of WHAT? **%%$$!! And then I try to print a file, and I get an error: "Subsystem: IMAGE, Operator: ReadImage, Position: 2218, PCL XL Error. " What the F**?

Maybe this is not my day, but how many times does it not happen: You start a meeting. And the first half hour you waste fiddling around with wires, interfaces, software settings, LAN connections and self-installing software, only trying to project a Powerpoint slide on a wall. Just as an example.

I despise user-unfriendly software. I find it cruel. I think many software developers should be indited by the International Criminal Court in The Hague. "Crimes against humanity", that is what I call user-unfriendly software. Nothing more, nothing less. Moral genocide.


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