Free press, the first step to freedom from poverty?

Some say the chronical cycle of poverty in Africa is partially caused by the corruption and un-accountability from governments or individual heads of state.

An independent and free press could be the significant step out of this vicious circle.

Tanzania recently took such a step, with the recent creation of the Tanzania Media Fund (TMF).

TMF's goal is to create an open society where all people can access information, express views and debate issues. They want to achieve this through "an independent, quality, diverse and vibrant media in Tanzania by enabling investigative and public journalism and facilitating critical reflection and learning".

TMF’s work in Tanzania is centered on three objectives:
1. To improve the skills and capacity of journalists and media institutions.
2. To increase both the quantity and quality of investigative and public interest journalism.
3. To encourage the media to play a more critical role in ensuring accountability among public and private sector actors.

Discovered via Pernille. Picture courtesy AFP and BBC.


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