Your graffiti on the Israeli wall: 30 Euros

Get your message on The Wall

Back in 2002, the Israeli government started the construction of "The Wall", a combination of wire fences and concrete walls separating Israeli from Palestinian territories. In several places, The Wall is formed by 8 meter high concrete blocks.

"The Wall" was constructed to prevent "the uncontrolled entry of Palestinians into Israel", in a desperate attempt to control the crossing of Palestinian militants and arms.
The Wall has been highly controversial in many ways, not at least because it splits communities into "ghettos" of isolation, while many see cooperation, if not integration, the way to end the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

The Wall brought one opportunity, a lighter message - literally then: A Dutch-Palestinian project brings people together through wall graffiti. For 30 Euros you can send in your text via SendAMessage. Young Palestinians will spray your message on the wall and send you three digital pictures of the graffiti.

The benefits go to projects of the Palestinian Peace and Freedom Youth Forum putting youth at work in volunteering projects in their society. (Full)


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