UN to the US: "You owe me money, dude!"

Obama and Ban ki-Moon

United States' debt to the United Nations exceeded $1.5 billion at the start of 2009. By far, the largest amount of debt is for peacekeeping, over $1.3 billion. These arrears make the United States the largest debtor to the United Nations. (Source)

No wonder the UN's Secretary-General Ban ki-Moon asked the UN's biggest single donor to cough up the greenbacks in his recent speech to Congress, calling the US a "Dead Beat Donor".
Ooops! The US did not think it was funny. (Full)

Miguel d'Escoto Brockmann, the president of the UN's General Assembly, thought US-bashing was fun, and joined the rally by lashing out at the United States over their attitude about Iran and Cuba.
Ooops! The US did not think it was funny. (Full)

I think it is just temporary glitch, you know. Once the US hicks up the dope, the UN will all be happy-happy again, and once more we will have "only one letter of difference" between the UN and the US.

Picture courtesy AP Photo/Gerald Herbert


Anonymous,  15 March, 2009 01:57  

It was not "dude" Ban Ki-Moon said that the US is "deadbeat" :-)

Peter 15 March, 2009 12:43  

@The Beaver:

-OK. "Dead Beat Dude", then ;-)

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