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Eric, a reader of The Road, forwarded me a bunch of new aidworkers blogs from all over the world. I added them to the list on the side column:

Aidworker (Senegal)
All Quiet on the Quaker Front (Burundi)
Around Here Somewhere (Malawi)
Cashew Man (Canada/Ethiopia)
Change Around the World (Ghana)
Deep South Sudan
Ending Extreme Poverty (DRC)
The Faders in Sudan
From Congo (DRC)
Head Down Eyes Open (Geneva)
Humanitarian Relief (World)
A Humourless Lot (World)
Mangham Mayhem (Mongolia)
Nic Dominguez (Kenya)
Notes on Development (Ghana)
Our Man in Cameroon
Project Kadutu (DRC)
Where in the World? (Malawi)

Remember: if you have not time to read them all, check their latest posts on my AidBlogs site, where updates are automatically aggregated.

Picture courtesy Julius Mwelu/Irin, via A Humourless Lot


Voegtli 16 March, 2009 05:43  

I will go and check them out. And I like your Humanitarian Spotlight, in particular as you feature Sudan.

Ben 16 March, 2009 06:09  

The photo is by Kenyan freelance photographer Julius Mwelu/IRIN and won an award from Friends of the Earth.

more details via IRIN photo

Peter 16 March, 2009 07:03  


Corrected the referral. Thanks!

shona congo 16 March, 2009 15:11  

Many thanks for getting us all together! It is a big world out there and it is easy to get caught up in the drama of this little corner of the world. Thanks for reminding me how big the world is, and how much is going on.

Anonymous,  17 March, 2009 10:31  
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maria 17 March, 2009 14:59  

So glad you are giving us all those blog links to check on.

On my way to reading some.


Brendan 06 April, 2009 09:32  

Thanks for including me! Appreciate it. Always looking for other good blogs as well (at least those I can view - Ethiopia doesn't allow some common blogging platforms in the country...)


Peter 06 April, 2009 16:59  

You are welcome, Brendan!

Yes, I know Ethiopia blocked most blogservices :-((


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