Canadians face prosecution because they helped a Canadian national in a Canadian embassy.

Over 100 Canadians are facing prosecution for chipping in to buy a plane ticket for a Canadian who has taken refuge inside the Canadian Embassy in Sudan.

Abousfian Abdelrazik is a Canadian citizen from Sudanese descent, visiting his mother in Sudan when he was arrested for alleged terror ties. He claims to have been tortured, but was not charged. He was released from prison because Sudanese investigators found no evidence to support criminal activity.

As he is a Canadian national, he took refuge inside the Canadian Embassy in Sudan, but lacked the funds to pay for his return fair. Over 100 Canadians chipped in for him.

According to Canadian law, these benefactors can be charged, and could spend up to 10 years behind bars, as Abdelrazik is still on a UN terrorist blacklist.

Oh, and he is on the international no-fly list also. (Full).

Go figure.


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