Can you check please?

There was a technical glitch last night with either Google Sites or Google Gadgets (or both), which caused my news feeds site not to load properly. Most feeds came up with an error "Not a properly formatted file missing xml header".

I thought the problem was solved, but Mark from Living Prepared reported to still see the problem. So this is how the site should NOT look like:


I checked this morning in Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari and Opera, and all seems to work.
Can you please verify if you can load the site ok, and comment on this post, or join the discussion on our forum?

Update 1:
Each page on NewFeeds loads dozens of feeds, from different sites. So it is not fast, and from time to time, some of the feeds don't display because the original site has an adhoc problem.
What really concerned me is when anyone sees "Not a properly formatted file missing xml header". That is the problem I am trying to cure...

Update 2:
Thanks to all the Email, Tweets and comments. The problem is now solved!
- Peter


Anonymous,  14 March, 2009 14:11  

Works for me, although slowly.

Peter 14 March, 2009 16:32  

Thanks Michael! Glad it works. The feedback I got via Twitter shows everyone seems to be able to load it.

It is indeed pretty slow - dependent on the page - as a lot of feeds are loaded at the same time, from many different sites..

Guess it is the balance between the amount of feeds, and how slow is 'acceptable'.. ;-)


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